Body & Mind Wellbeing Western Mysticism

Wellbeing of Body & Mind through the unity of Eastern and Western Ancient Wisdom
Saturday 15 July 2017, 9am – 1pm, Mount Maunganui
Divine Feminine & Masculine with Mira Riddiford. With Western Mysticism, you can explore how early Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse civilisations supported their societies to meet their lives with grace and insight and how it can help you.
Qigong – Eastern Wisdom with Giselle Martins
Qigong is an ancient eastern health care system practiced for thousands of years for internal health that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and mental focus. Qigong is a delightful practice of standing, sitting, and moving meditative methods that improve one’s health and vitality.
Contact Giselle Martins e:, p: 021 0265 2434


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