What is LIVE Noticeboard?

LIVENoticeboard.co.nz is an online platform for posting listings to individual towns’ noticeboards.

LIVENoticeboard.co.nz is your town virtual community noticeboard accessible from anywhere by anybody.
Anybody can see anybody’s listing/s, and anybody who has signed in can post listing/s. No more faded scrap paper pinned on shop noticeboards, all you need to do is to post your listing here.

LIVENoticeboard.co.nz is not to be mistaken as another auction based or buy/sell type site, instead, it is a common platform for everyone to place a notice when looking for a house to rent, job vacancies, a babysitter or house sitter, or those wanting to exchange home grown produce, join a knitting club and much more and yes, you can offer stuff for sale as well.

Can anybody post a listing and is it for free?

Everybody who has registered and signed in can post listing/s and yes, it is currently free of charge.

Why should I use Live Noticeboard?

Have you ever wanted to know what’s going on in another town and the only information is on the local noticeboard? It’s a strange thing in this “internet” world that you can easily find out what’s happening in another country, but it can be more difficult to know what is going on in the next town. But not anymore! Live Noticeboard brings local news and more from any NZ town directly to you!

What type of listings can be posted?

Anything you would pin on your local noticeboard like:

  • local news, events, something found/lost etc.
  • shared interests & hobbies like inviting locals to your knitting evenings or yoga classes
  • home produce and handicrafts for sale
  • advertisements such as properties for sale or rent, job vacancies and trade & local services
  • sell or give away items in your community
  • services such as baby sitting, house sitting, gardening, transport and more
  • work wanted, items needed or help offered or requested such as carpooling or borrowing tools or equipment

Anything which follows New Zealand Law regulations, our Terms and Conditions and is in accordance with Code of Conduct.

I am worried to post my contact details directly in my listing, how can anybody contact me?

We do not recommend posting your contact details e.g. phone numbers or email address directly with your listing. You will be contactable via “contact the author” link at the bottom of your listing available only to registered users. You will receive an email sent directly to your email address. Please review your spam policy of your email provider if you have any issues receiving emails from our website.

Why is the content limited to 800 characters?

The purpose of this online platform is to make it interesting and not boring for viewers. For that reason we decided to keep the limit of the each listing to 800 characters, which we believe is sufficient for most types of listings. Please use our contact form if you have a specific requirement.

What is the expiration time of a listing and why there is a set expiration time?

Most types of listings will automatically expire after 60 days. You will receive a warning message via email 7 days before the expiration. You will have the chance to extend the listing beyond 60 days. If you don’t extend, the content of your listing will be deleted including comments related to your listing.

“Local News Listings” expire after 30 days so content remains relevant and up to date.

“Services to Offer Listings” expire after 180 days because this information will stay relevant for a longer period.

We will review the expiration time regularly and adjust if needed.